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March 29 2008


To demonstrate:

class MyClass
    def say_hello(name)
        puts "Let's go back to my place, #{name}."

my_object = MyClass.new
So we get smacked if we try:
> my_object.say_hello
Nomethoderror: private method `say_hello' called for #<MyClass:0x820b4>
	from (irb):8
	from :0
but instead:
> my_object.send :say_hello, "world"
Let's go back to my place, world.


Now, honestly, this strikes me as odd. Conceptually, I don't see whysend should function differently from an ordinary method call with respect to access control.

Josh Staiger: The Ruby send hack: how to gain access to an object's privates

Sparkline PHP Graphing Library

But where's the Ruby Version? -_-
= Exception Notifier Plugin for Rails

First, include the ExceptionNotifiable mixin in whichever controller you want
to generate error emails (typically ApplicationController):

  class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
    include ExceptionNotifiable

Then, specify the email recipients in your environment:

  ExceptionNotifier.exception_recipients = %w(joe@schmoe.com bill@schmoe.com)

And that's it! The defaults take care of the rest.
— script/plugin install http://svn.rubyonrails.org/rails/plugins/exception_notification/

March 28 2008


I <3 Ruby On Rails

at my ruby nightjob i hack for fun. this is a part of the urbantakeover "who or what the fuck are you looking for?" just like Wikipedia's disambiguation pages.

The quick & dirty way only searches for Users and Spots at the moment, which works for astera (spot & user) but fails at metalab (spot & team).

Thus we'll hack together a dynamic solution:
stuff = []
[User, Spot, Team].each do |model_class|
stuff << model_class.find_by_name params[:name]

if stuff.size == 1
thing = stuff.first
  redirect_to :controller => thing.class.name.downcase, :action => 'show_by_name', :name => thing.name
#shows a wikipedia style "disambiguation" page
@things = stuff
render :template => 'disambiguate'
note, i haven't tried this yet, but it *should* work.

eval is your friend

at my python dayjob i'm writing a chat protocol. it should be possible to extend the protocol later on by adding new subprotocols (command sets) to achieve this i use listeners for each additional subprotocol.

the quick and dirty way to get some is:
self.listeners = {
'chat' : ChatListener(environment, self),
'table' : TableListener(environment, self),
'stats' : StatsListener(environment, self) }

but as soon as you have to add a lot of listeners it get's tedious to duplicate all the <code>*Listener(environment, self)</code> cruft.

so to keep things DRY i took the dynamic route:
listener_names = ['chat', 'table', 'stats', 'more', 'evenmoar', 'cthulhu', 'lol', 'catz']
self.listeners = {}
for listener_name in listener_names:
_class = eval("%sListener" % listener_name.capitalize())
self.listeners[listener] = _class(environment, self)

which looks super confusing, but is SUPER EFFECTIVE!

also circular references are teh suck. i want code running in contexts. to be able to omit the self parameter.

but maybe i'm doing it wrong.

@hacking @starred
Bam Oida! :-)
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UTO invades hamburg (thanks astera) :D
1 799 U.S. dollars = 1 146 Euros
— OMG LOL! via Google

March 27 2008

4772 c5ea 390
also: you can change your teamcolour now and everything is nicer.
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due to a code error we now again have colour circles:

also: preparations for flickr are done.
also: email notifications should work shortly
also: different city guy still missing %/

March 21 2008


March 19 2008

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 += tupalo integration.

claim any spot without an address. works if it's on tupalo. yay hooray!

also: bugfixes and stuff.

March 18 2008


this reminds me get a non-competitive element in the game.

also: yay for using the stickers to post notes/comments!
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custom stickers? yeah!
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