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  I’m a turncoat
  A traitor. A lowly dog. Up until this morning I was committed to helping team dirtychai take over Vienna. But then I changed my mind, decided to make the game urban takeover a webtip and form my own team to rule em all. Team_sheesh. And since I am telling you all about this little project by an Austrian developer I expect all of you to run out and join in, actively taking over bits of property in the name of team_sheesh. See the idea is that you can claim places for yourself or your team, and then post the location using the webform or sms, and get more and more area, fame and glory. Or something like that. Go check it out . And if you play, make sure you play for team_sheesh. urbantakeover.at
fm4.ORF.at / Today’s webtip: Urbantakeover

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