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May 11 2008

# view

# controller
auto_complete_for :contact, :name

— — script.aculo.us - web 2.0 javascript demos

May 09 2008

“We recently introduced a new feature in autoki called the social feed. It’s basically a yellow box displaying any events on the platform relevant to the current user, like a friend has posted a new photo, or a new interesting car was uploaded. The data model behind this is pretty straightforward, we have a FeedEvent class and all kinds of subclasses, e.g. a MessageReceivedEvent. Each event belongs to a user and an event source, in this example the user would be the user who received the message and the event source would be the message itself. For each user, we simply display all the events that belong to him or her.”
— — upstream agile - software » Using and Testing ActiveRecord/Rails Observers

May 05 2008

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packaging for free sticker packs? via www.trappertricks.de
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May 01 2008

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Ceci n´est pas le capitalisme… (via rebel:art  » Blog Archive  » Ceci n´est pas le capitalisme…)

 or maybe it is… 

April 16 2008

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now with sparklines via google graphs (aka google charts)

April 14 2008

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

might have to consider that for flickr foto proofs in the usa. 

April 12 2008

In general git has some terrible cryptic error messages.

from Stories from the Land of Rob:  

My favourite example is if you modify a file and then pull a change that modifies that file before you commit it:

Updating beb8c37..b953e6f
test: needs update
fatal: Entry 'test' not uptodate. Cannot merge.

WTF? what does uptodate mean? why isn’t it up to date? whats gone wrong? what should i do?
Surely something like:

Cancelling pull as 'test' has changes that would be overwritten by this pull. Please commit your changes or force an overwrite using the '--force' flag

would be a lot better?

April 07 2008

Twitter As An Early Stage Warning System For Brands And Companies
Comcast, Twitter And The Chicken (trust me, I have a point)

April 06 2008

» @status.created_at = Time.utc 2008, 1, 1
» @status.created_at
Timezone awareness in Rails
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new in urban takeover: the urban takeover mac application & get stickers.

April 02 2008

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claim that! (via claimrfk)
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April 01 2008

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Missing House (via Appealing)
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  I’m a turncoat
  A traitor. A lowly dog. Up until this morning I was committed to helping team dirtychai take over Vienna. But then I changed my mind, decided to make the game urban takeover a webtip and form my own team to rule em all. Team_sheesh. And since I am telling you all about this little project by an Austrian developer I expect all of you to run out and join in, actively taking over bits of property in the name of team_sheesh. See the idea is that you can claim places for yourself or your team, and then post the location using the webform or sms, and get more and more area, fame and glory. Or something like that. Go check it out . And if you play, make sure you play for team_sheesh. urbantakeover.at
fm4.ORF.at / Today’s webtip: Urbantakeover

March 31 2008

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claiming europe :)


also: flickr :D 

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Our manual we send with the stickers.
tumblr supports group blogs, which makes it easier for us to ... you know ... group blog.

so we moved to http://blog.urbantakeover.at/

also: soup removed our google analytics. *grr
— team uto
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+= flickr
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